Making explicit for our students what leads to success is transformational; through the use of the Successful Learner Trait Framework, students gain access to an understanding, and a language, that shows them the way to effectively apply themselves.

Workshop #1

Successful Learner Traits ~ Learning from the Inside Out

Introduces the Successful Learner Traits, its foundations and alignment with BC’s new core competencies and provides many practical examples of classroom implementation where learning is viewed through an appreciative lens and focuses upon students’ strengths.

Workshop #2

Successful Learner Traits ~ Diving Deeper

Supporting our students through authentic and insightful self-reflection

Part 1.   Reviewing and Extending

Many teachers will have introduced, or be introducing, the Successful Learner Traits in their classrooms. Here we offer opportunities to ask questions, share experiences, and consider next steps. We will overlap with the key concepts introduced in our first workshop in order to trouble-shoot and go deeper as we authentically embed Successful Learner Traits into every day practice.

Part 2.   Clarifing Intentions and Siting Our Destination

By using the Successful Learner Traits as an ‘appreciative lens’ through which to view all learning, we site the ultimate destination we have for our students: to become knowledgeable owners of their learning. Practical implications for teaching and learning in the classroom will be offered as we consider planning with the new curriculum: Big Ideas, Successful Learner Traits & Learning Outcomes.

Part 3.   Focusing In   

With our destination clarified, we are ready to focus in on assessment, self-assessment and communicating student learning. Sample lessons will be offered as exemplars; then we will spend time in conversation and collaboration with colleagues to plan a lesson or mini-unit that engages and supports students in authentic and meaningful self-assessment that empowers their next steps.

Sue Bannister holds an MA in Student Assessment and Elementary Language Arts. She is increasingly in demand for her presentations on: Successful Learner Traits-Competencies in the Classroom; Going Deeper with Successful Learner Traits; and Rethinking Reporting-Communicating Student Learning. Sue inspires participants to re-visualize and prioritize their practice to align with competency-based education in ways that are dynamic and practical.