There is no substitute for hard work.

Thomas Edison

Broadening the definition

Being Industrious involves taking initiative and being proactive. It includes hard work and making the most of one’s time, thus is carries with it a sense of being efficient. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book called Outliers: The Story of Success, explains the ’10,000 hours rule’  where any individual who intently practices their craft for 10,000 hours is highly predisposed towards success, regardless of innate talent or skill. Being tenacious, having grit, persevering through set backs, and taking responsibility are key elements of being Industrious. Industriousness intersects with Confidence in terms of doing ‘best work’; both effort and commitment are required to accomplish best work, and it takes Confidence, or pride in doing one’s best, to accomplish best work.

Thoughtfulness ties in wonderfully to Adrienne Gear’s Reading Power: connect, visualize, question, predict, infer, transform.

Stories that connect to Industrious

Thanks to Carol Walters & Marni McCreerick for compiling this list.

Sue’s Favourites

The Most Magnificent Thing

competency based education

by Ashley Spires

Rosie Revere, Engineer

competency based education

by Andres Beaty

Flight School

competency based education

by Lita Judge

Martin's Big Words

competency based education

by Doreen Rappaport

Other Great Stories

A Frog Thing

competency based education

by Eric Drachman

Farmer Duck

competency based education

by Martin Wadell

Click Clack Moo

competency based education

by Doreen Cronin

Boy in Motion: Rick Hansen's Story

competency based education

by Ainslie Manson

Terry Fox: A Story of Hope

 competency based education

by Maxine Trottier