In British Columbia, the Successful Learner Traits Framework was generated out of teachers perceptions of successful students, and it is clearly based upon our BC Education Statement of Mission: The Educated Citizen. The Educated Citizen was recently re-endorsed as a part of our Policy Statement in December, 2015. It should be of no surprise that there is such a close correlation between the SLT framework and The Educated Citizen because this mission statement resulted out of a far-reaching process that endorsed a broad base of stake-holders in general society for its creation.

Chris Kennedy, author of  The Culture of Yes, states the following in a discussion called The Educated Citizen: Do we Have it Right?   “…while the world around us has changed quickly, our “Educated Citizen” has not. So, we will continue to meet the goals in the 1989 definition, but the strategies employed will differ dramatically from what they were 20 years ago.” Blog: The Culture of Yes, December 2011.