The Successful Learner Trait Framework is the result of listening to the experiences of  classroom teachers when asked: “What traits, attributes, or characteristics do your students demonstrate that seem to most significantly contribute to learning success?” This was a broad-based survey, conducted out of the University of Victoria, B.C. by Dr. Terry Johnson and Dr. Alison Preece, in 1994. Independent of student age or geographical area, teachers consistently identified very similar characteristics, or traits, which they felt most greatly contributed to their students’ success. From a synthesis of teachers perceptions regarding student success, eight Successful Learner Traits emerged.

Over the next several years, through rich collaborations and implementation of the Successful Learner Traits in classrooms and schools, the framework was shaped and honed by teachers. The Framework is comprised of the following eight Successful Learner Traits:

“We realize that without seriously listening to learners’ responses to (our) questions, we are missing the boat in terms of understanding their experiences.

Network or Inquiry and Innovation, Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network, Spring Newsletter 2016

Judy Halbert & Linda Kaser.

My involvement with the Successful Learner Traits was shortly after Dr. Johnson and Dr. Alison Preece interpreted and synthesized the results of what teachers had identified as the key traits that contributed to student success. As an MA student, I had the opportunity to work with teachers to develop an authentic and meaningful process of using the Successful Learner Traits as a framework for assessment, evaluation and reporting. It was at this time that I identified ‘Coherency, Sustainability, Relevant and Meaningful’ as the pillars that would uphold a rational process of assessment and reporting. The results in classrooms were very inspiring and the work continued. Over time, the Successful Learner Framework has further been honed through its use by teachers in classrooms with their students. The Framework continues to capture the attention of teachers who recognize the potential of explicitly teaching students how to effectively apply themselves.  The insight, enthusiasm and encouragement of the many teachers using the Successful Learner Framework has been a rich source of inspiration.