Our goal is to educate for independence, success, engagement, and for our students to take ownership of their learning. Therefore we ensure that Successful Learner Traits, curriculum learning outcomes and assessment for learning strategies are applied within as many learning situations as possible. These intersections are critical as they clarify the priorities for learners in terms of:

WHAT am I here to learn?

HOW can I successfully apply myself?

Many teachers now include ‘Assessment for Learning’ strategies within their teaching practices, which dramatically change how students are engaged and involved with their own learning. A broadly accepted definition, from the Assessment for Learning website ,  follows


Assessment for Learning strategies typically focus on ‘the what’ or learning outcomes. We use the same strategies for ‘the how’ in order to encourage students to think about and apply those  specific Successful Learner traits that will best contribute to their success.

Assessment for Learning Strategies are embedded within the use of the Sucessful Learner Framework  which is illustrated in the teaching sequence below. This sequence, aimed at grade two students working on writing, describes in detail the critical intersection between Successful Learner Traits, curriculum, and Assessment for Learning Strategies. The same sequence could be adapted for any age learner.